Embrace the winter mood with these wintry paintings – by Faith Whitehouse

Here are four of my favourite representations of winter:

Casper David Friedrich, ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’ 1818

When I first saw Freidrich’s landscape paintings, I was struck by their dramatic and epic romance. His style is wonderfully represented in his 1818 painting ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’, in which an isolated man with his back to the viewer, contemplates the enormity of nature before him. Here, nature dominates the canvas in all its wintery glory.

Fancisco Goya, ‘The Snowstorm’ 1786

During my A-level Art History course, I was frequently shown Goya’s twisted, weird and sometimes emotional paintings, so it came as a shock to me when I came across this winter scene. Painted shortly after he became the King’s artist in residence, ‘The Snowstorm’ depicts a small group of travellers trudging through the snow; perhaps a snapshot of poverty ┬áto encourage his rich patrons to spare a thought about the poor.

Abraham Hondius, ‘Frozen Thames’ 1677

Between the sixteenth century and nineteenth century, London experienced many cold spells, even causing the Thames to freeze over. In this painting the artist captures that extraordinary event.

Piet Mondrian, ‘The Grey Tree’ 1911

One of Mondrian’s earliest paintings and part of his ‘tree’ series. The painting is a contrast to his modern, colourful pieces. The feel of icey winter consumes the canvas with its spindly branches that twist over each other. The tree is dark and feels bleak; a truly chilling winter painting.



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